An entirely new Angular Course!

We’re excited to announce the early release of an entirely new Angular Course with a ton of improvements that make this version really special.

We spent a ton of time on improving code quality:

  • We worked with Google to code review the “Wait and Eat” app and it’s now featured as an official Firebase example.
  • We painstakingly incorporated recommendations from the Angular style guide so you’ll get real hands-on practice with Angular best practices as endorsed by the Angular Team.

There are entirely new topics that were not covered in the previous course:

  • Complex custom directives.
  • Handling error messages from promises.
  • Client-side validation with Angular forms.
  • Using NodeJS to send texts and emails.

Finally, everything has been updated to use the latest versions:

  • Uses the latest stable version of AngularJS, version 1.4.x.
  • Uses the latest stable version of AngularFire from Firebase.