Angular Course update complete

This morning, I added the final 25 videos to the brand new Angular Course (there are 115 videos in total). These new videos cover all the remaining features including launching your app and lots and lots of practice with directives.

  • Resetting and caching $firebaseArray in our partyService.
  • Refactoring the party form into your first custom directive.
  • Refactoring the party table into your second directive.
  • Form validation and error handling in our register and login pages.
  • Writing another directive for reducing repetition in the register and login pages.
  • Launching your application!

You can find a full outline of the course in the “Class Curriculum” section at at the link below:

This was a massive effort that took many months of hard work, hundreds of hours of filming, numerous rewrites, and dozens of conversations with students to get things just right.

I really do believe that this is the finest Angular tutorial that you can get in the world. I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve put together and hope that it helps you in your career or gives you the inspiration to build that startup idea in your head.

So as you’re going through the course (or even just the free sample), please take a second and let me know how I’m doing (good or bad). I’m always trying to improve and your feedback is the most important thing that helps me get better.